Pedagogías Arquitectónicas

“Pedagogías Arquitectónicas” [Architectural Pedagogies] is a research project developed since in 2008 for the Ministry of Education of Spain and the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

That original exploration consisted on a kind of ethnography on the way architecture was taught at Madrid School of Architecture.

The main research lines upon this work intended to study, analyze and revise purposefully  general educational systems and methodologies for teaching architecture, focusing on:

*Objectifying the elements of an educational project and its practical development.
*Making transparent the educational structure of a methodology.
*Trying to define what an experimental system is and what it involves.
*Linking teacher and student in participative and dialectical dynamics.
*Generating open knowledge through real time publishing of the research.

“Pedagogias Arquitectónicas” was developed in its first stage by Enrique Espinosa & Diana Hernández, under supervision of GEP-ETSAM professors Paula Montoya & Andrés Perea.


The research implies becoming a visiting professor at 7 ETSAM units, gathering different levels and methodologies:
*ud.19 Maroto. Grupo Efrén GªGrinda + Cristina Díaz Moreno (niveles 1-2-3)
*ud.15: Linazasoro (levels 1-2-3)
*ud.05: Campo Baeza (levels 4-5)
*ud.17: López-Peláez (levels 8-9)
*ud.26: Federico Soriano (levels 8-9)
*ud.22: GEP: Izaskun Chinchilla, Andrés Perea, J.L. Vallejo, Paula Montoya (vertical atelier)
*ud.PFC: Juan Herreros (final level)

The research implies the visualization of pedagogical data: Classes video registration, pedagogical principles, bibliography, course programmes, human statistics (professors, students, colaborators), object statistics (disposition, references, timing…), evaluation spaces, reference documents, communication documents, products (students production).

Pedagogías Arquitectónicas Trailer-Article on Issuu.

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